Developmental English Acceleration

Launched in spring 2013, BHCC’s accelerated English model compresses the highest level of developmental English (ENG095) and the first level of college English (ENG111) into a single semester Accelerated English Learning Community Cluster. The Accelerated English Cluster model was piloted with 39 students in two sections in spring 2013. Of the 39 students, 85 percent successfully completed both courses in a single semester with a grade of C or better. This compared favorably to students enrolled in stand-alone sections of ENG095, 31 percent of whom completed ENG095 and ENG111 in consecutive semesters. Moreover, of accelerated students who subsequently enrolled in the next course in the college English sequence, ENG112, 83 percent successfully completed the course. This compared favorably to success rates for non-accelerated students.

Based on this proof of concept, the English Department began a scaling process by adding additional Accelerated English Clusters to each semester’s schedule. In fall 2015, 14 Accelerated English Clusters enrolled 283 students. By the end of the fall 2015 term, a total of 769 students had enrolled in an Accelerated English Cluster. For each of the five semesters between spring 2013 and spring 2015, there was a different of at least 40 percentage points in successful course completion between students who completed the accelerated English cluster in one semester and students who took the courses in stand-alone format over two consecutive semesters. The English Department is in the process of scaling the accelerated model, with 17 sections on the books in summer and fall 2016.

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