English Language Learners: Acceleration and Transition

Evidence shows that the more quickly English Language Learners (ELLs) complete their pre-college coursework, the more likely they are to succeed in earning a certificate or degree or transferring to a four-year institution. With this in mind, PCCC has created opportunities for ELLs to accelerate at three progression points:

Prior to college entry: The Continuing Ed prgram offers short-term intensive skills-building courses that prepare students for seamless entry into the academic English Language Studies (ELS) program. The accelerated PREP program enables students to save time and financial aid by allowing them to build language skills before taking credit-bearing courses.

At midway through the English Language Studies (ELS) program: Second-chance workshops are for borderline writing students who need a little more practice in order to pass the department exam and proceed to the next writing level. These two-week intensive workshops run prior to each new semester. Successful students may register for the next level writing course and avoid having to repeat an entire course. Challenge tests offer high-preforming students a chance to skip a course. At the end of each semester, approved students may take the department final exam for the next level reading or writing course.

Bridge courses, contextualized intermediate reading courses, introduce students to academic program content while they continue to develop their reading skills. Current bridge courses are offered in Early Childhood Education and Culinary Arts. An Allied Health bridge course is planned for spring 2017.

PCCC's Student Success course has been customized to meet the specific needs of community college ELLs. The course is required for intermediate ELS students.

At upper levels, paired ELS/college-level courses allow students to begin transitioning to college programs while still in the ELS program. In a paired course, ELLs attend a regular college-level course with native speakers and also designated section of an ELS reading course. The reading course provides support for the college course through the development of listening, speaking, note-taking, vocabulary, and test-taking skills related to the content area.  Currently, six paired courses are offered - primarily general education courses. ELS students receive college-credits that apply towards an Associate's degree or a certificate while they are still in the English Language Studies program.

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