Redesign Registration and Advising procedures for incoming students

2016- Advising has continued to be a focus of our student success agenda. The education plan developed in FYE is being utilitzed extensively with Liberal Studies students in the advising process. The education plan is a successful tool for Liberal Studies Students so, plans are underway to scale up the education plan in the technical programs by providing professional development and training for faculty advisors to learn about developing and  and using individual student education plans to assist students in planning and goal setting.  

(2015) The Student Success Center has provided a wide range of services for students in many areas including advising. Two professional advisors have been added to provide advising to liberal studies students at many focal points throughtout their EMCC experience. All liberal studies students are assisted in registration by the professional advisors in collaboration wtih faculty advisors. All LS students are required to take an FYE class where they develop an Educational Plan in the first semester. Those plans are utulized by the advisors during registration. EMCC will continue to work increasing involvment of faculty advisors for liberal studies students by providing professional developmental opportunities on advising and  identifying more clearly advising roles and responsibilities.

(2013) The advising/registration component will be required of all admitted students. The focus of the activity is to provide students with the information and resources to develop their own educational plan and to understand the consequences should they choose to modify that plan. Over the next twelve months, the Registration and Advising Team will develop the specific objectives of the advising/registration system as well as the activities required to meet those objectives.


A registration/advising system with a template for first semester required courses  has been developed by the On Ramp team and will be used to schedule all incoming liberal studies students. A survey is being conducted to gather information and and engage incoming students with the registration process. All incoming liberal studies students will take a First Year Experience course where they will form an educational plan.


Placement testing and academic advising are now located in the Student Success Center. An advising model for new students was implemented in spring 2014. Immediately after taking the placement test, students meet with an academic advisor to discuss results and the implications of needing to take developmental courses. Advisors also work with students to develop their first semester schedule. 

During the 2013-2014 academic year an advising committee comprised primarily of faculty and the professional advising staff convened to develop definitions and responsibilites and to identify the tools needed  for advising.  A group advising concept was discussed and adotped for Liberal studies faculty and students and was implemented in the spring 2014. Academic advising was the primary agenda item for facutly development during 2013-14 and serveral advising training sessions were conducted by the Dean of Student Success throughout the year.  

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