Technical College Systems of Georgia's Early Alert Management System (TEAMS)

TEAMS is a collaborative web-based early intervention referral process designed to identify and sustain students who may be at-risk of attrition.  It uses a systematic approach to avail faculty and staff to collectively communicate and provides tools to generate successful and measurable outcomes in student achievement. The process is designed to benefit Albany Technical College in creating and modifying its operational methodology to retain and divert the at-risk students towards successful completion.  To enhance academic performance, retention, and on-time degree completion by identifying students who may be at-risk for course completion possibly early in the semester.  The system provides avenues of internal and external support to the students.

Manual alerts submitted by full-time and part-time faculty with respect to: Academic Concerns, Attendance Issues, Personal Hardships, Withdrawal from all courses (especially at the beginning of the term).  The alerts are designed to identify students who: Are not attending the enrolled class regularly, Are present for less than 50% of class time, Are struggling academically, Are encountering personal hardships that are beyond their realm of control, Are in need of acadamic and non-academic supportive resources to succeed, Are overall less likely to do well in the registered course.

Student are then routed to functional teams for intervention.  Interventions are action-oriented methodologies that can be recommended to the student for successful academic progression.  After the initiation of TEAMS in 2015, there were 29 alerts generated between January-May 2015 with a retention rate of 33%.  During the summer semester of 2015, alerts were submitted from General Education and Learning Support Faculty.  There were 148 alerts generated between May-August 2015 with a retention rate of 53%.  TEAMS has nowgone camus wide.  

ID 15614

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