Midterm Grades

Beginning in Fall 2013, instructors of remedial, gateway, and student success courses were required to submit grades for all of their students at midterm. Informing students of their academic progress within the class aims to motivate the student to maintain their high level of performance, or encourage them to increase their effort in order to earn a successful end of term final grade. Courses that were eight weeks or longer in length were included.

Beginning in Fall 2014, this initiative was successfully expanded to include all courses in the curriculum, excluding high school students and apprenticeships. We found that faculty participation in midterm grade reporting improved considerably once the policy was consistently applied to all courses. Over 98% of faculty members reported midterm grades as required for the Spring 2015 semester. In Spring 2016 about 95% of faculty members reported midterm grades as required, so we have maintained fairly high levels of participation even in post-implementation years.


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