Supplemental Instruction

Ivy Tech Community College implemented Supplemental Instruction (SI) systemwide during the 2014-2015 academic year. After piloting SI in two regions for several years, the initiative was expanded to every region. SI has demonstrated across the country that it helps students improves pass rates and GPA, reduces withdrawal rates, and increases student retention. SI sessions are informal study sessions during which students work together to compare notes, discuss course materials, develop study tools, practice problem solving, and prepare for exams. SI sessions are facilitated by SI Leaders who attend the course sessions and prepare study materials for use during SI sessions. The SI Leaders are generally Ivy Tech students who have completed the course successfully prior to being selected. Each region has a coordinator who trains and organizes SI Leader activities and helps with student recruitment into the program.

2014-15 activities in ramping up Supplemental Instruction across the state included the following:

  • Professional development for SI leaders and regional coordinators.
  • All fourteen administrative regions of the college established a Supplemental Instruction (SI) program in 25 or 50 total course sections per region based on the region's size. 
  • The IR office at Ivy Tech conducted an evaluation of student success with SI participants in fall 2014. Data clearly showed that SI participants are succeeding at a higher rate than non-participants.

Expanded evaluation of supplemental instruction has continued to show positive outcomes in sections in which SI is available, particularly when the faculty member and SI student leader have a very close working relationship.


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