Student Engagement

Student Engagement is a key component of El Centro College’s Achieving the Dream Initiative. On average, 76% of all students attend part-time and have jobs— unable to invest significant amounts of time in extra-curricular engagements. In the 2014 CCSSE, El Centro students rated Active and Collaborative Learning at 10 points lower than those of Top performing schools.

Our student engagement efforts will focus on activities to enhance fall-to-fall persistence, success in gateways, and male success.

On Course Principles

On-Course develops students by helping them to make good choices and take responsibility for their own learning and success. 30 new courses will have embedded On-Course principles with an additional 150 faculty trained in On-Course techniques.

Problem-Based Learning

In 2014, several gateway Biology courses were designed around project-based learning. In these courses, success rates were 18% higher than those using traditional delivery. As part of the AtD effort, four(4) gateway disciplines will adopt project-based learning.

Male Success Initiatives

Less than 4 percent of African American males graduate within 4 years. Male retention (fall to fall) is a staggering 18%. El Centro College’s male success initiatives seek to improve male credential attainment by 25% to 580 male graduates in 2017-18. This goal will be accomplished through intrusive male-success initiatives and mentor programs that increase male student engagement




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