Developmental Education Improvements

Due to an increased focus on student completion and success and because of changes in state law mandated by the Texas Legislature, we have made many changes to developmental offerings.  Curricular reforms were completed to better assess student outcomes and align course content across the Dallas County Community College District, of which we are a member college.  Accelerated options are now available such as non-course-based boot camps, 8-week flex-term classes, learning communities (FYE, DREA, DWRI), and co-requisite courses which allow students to take a college credit class while paired with a developmental support course.  Additional support for students has included a new software program in developmental writing, required tutoring, and contextualized or theme-based instruction in all disciplines.  The goal of these reforms is for higher retention and success rates for developmental education students and to move students more quickly through their developmental sequence into college-level courses.  This past year, we have moved two levels of Developmetnal Education out of the credit area of the institution and into Continuing Education.  Through the Continuing Education Department we are creating contextualized classes.  Students can then choose to move back into the developmentl sequence, chose a technical non-credit certificate, or a credit one-year certificate program. 

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