Redesign Approaches to delivering Developmental math courses.

(2016) Ongoing reveiw of completion and success rates in developmental math classes were  conducted during this year and planning resulted. Pass rates for students in gateway mathematics, specifically MAT 117- College Algebra are low. A math team was formed and we discussed a variety of interventions to address this concern. It was discovered that some students,particularly in liberal studies, were advised to take College Algebra apon completion of the Developmental math class,but not all students need this particular math pathway for successful completion of the program concentration. A thorough review of math pathways for all Liberal Studies concentrations as well as for all technical programs will be conducted and a math pathway chart will be created for use by all advisors.

Additionally, a new 6 credit developmental math course will be piloted in fall, 2016 along with a 6 credit reading/writing course. These two courses plus the FYE course will be piloted with EMCC's first learning community in fall, 2016. A group of 15 underprepared students will be selected to participate in this learning community and will provide one semester of intensive math and ELA instruction, supplemental instructional services, and tutoring. The courses will run M-Thursday and a new navigator postion, funded by the MCCS will be assigned to these students to provide additional advising and support.

(2015) Professional development for math faculty teaching developmental math courses was a focus in 2014-15. Faculty met regulrary to develop a common syllabi, discuss effective teaching practices, develop a common pre and post test and make decisions about course content including the universal  use of MY MATH LAB in all developmental math classes. Supplemental instructional modules were developed and offered to align with weekly topics, but few students attended these sessions. However, several math faculty  offered tutoring in the Student Success Center and those sessions were well attended by students. Developmental Writing will be addressed in much the same manner in 2015-16 by offering professional development to the writing faculty, offereing tutoring opportunities to writing faculty in the Student Success Center and designing a writing lab. In addition, a team will be formed to investigate the necessity of adding a developmental reading or integrated reading and writing course. A pilot course will be developed and offered in 2016.


(2014) The committee will conduct research on best practices in delivering developmental education courses, specifically math. The committee will plan and implement professional development opportunities for faculty, specifically math faculty to increase awareness of the variety of approaches that are being used to effectively accelerate the developmental math process for underprepared students and meet the individual learning needs for a diverse group of students. We will also work in conjunction with the assessment and placement committee to determine what skills are needed for the wide variety of gateway courses students are required to take by program and identify approaches to delivering developmental math to match with the required skill sets needed. Clearer pathways will be developed by creating some new courses and aligning others more accurately to meet the diverse needs of programs requirements in mathematics.


A developmental math specialist will be hired in summer 2013 as a result of a successful grant from the Gorman Foundation. Math requirements by program were identified and discussion with the chair of math science and other math/science faculty occurred to discuss how current courses fit these needs and the redesign of some gateway courses. A team of faculty and administrators identified a work description for the new position. EMCC expects work in this intervention to become much more active once the position is filled.

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