Revised College Success Seminar

The New Student Orientation and College Success Seminar Coordinators worked together to revise the content of each experience. NSO now prepares students to navigate enrollment and their first weeks of college while CSS continues the conversation and teaches the good habits of successful college students. In a major overhaul of the CSS content, we adopted the Learning Frameworks model developed by Lynda Villanueva at Brazosport. The course, which used to be two credits, is now a rigorous, three-credit course appropriate for all skill levels. College counselors visit and present to the classes twice during the semester. Beginning in 2015-16, it will be required of all students who place into any two or more subjects of developmental Reading, Writing, and/or Math courses. It is already required of students who wish to be accepted into the Nursing Program. To complement the course, the CSS Coordinator created a “class" called “College Success Seminar for Instructors," which teaches faculty practices that will promote the behaviors of successful college students as well as student achievement. Full- and part-time instructors participate in the class as a Professional Development option.

Training is required of all instructors who wish to teach this class and part-time (adjunct) instructors are compensated for the training.

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