Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is the educational term indicating assisted learning in the form of weekly sessions led by peer leaders. We implemented SI into our gateway MTH102 course (General Education Statistics) in spring 2016 and are currently planning a fall 2016 implementation as well.  The pilot was initially planned for two sections in the spring 2016 and grew to three sections based on popularity (a total of 11 face-to-face sections of the course were offered this fall).  Student peer leaders of the MTH102 SI sessions were recommended by the instructor of the course.  These students led supplemental instruction (SI) sessions outside of normal hours of the class for two hours per week.  During SI sessions, they faciliated discussion to review material presented in class each week, helped students with concepts or processes, provided opportunities for more in-depth understanding, and helped students develop study skills and proper test preparation.

MTH102 is a gateway course with success rates of 62% in 2009 and 63% in 2014.  SI is a proven technique to help students obtain success in courses with high drop/fail rates which are important for their continued progress toward degrees.  Research shows the benefits of SI include increased success rates, increased retention, higher confidence levels, and less test anxiety among students enrolled in these classes.  Research has also shown that instructors become more active and collaborative in their teaching with SI, and peer leaders show improved personal development.  Based on the first and second exam score analysis, those who attended SI sections at ECC performed better than those who did not.  For the first exam, those who attended at least one SI section obtained an exam score that was 7% points above those who did not.  For the second exam, the scores were almost 4% points better.  Final grade attendance is yet to be tabulated.

An end-of-term survey was given to all students enrolled in the SI sections.  85% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that the SI sessions helped them succeed; 71% indicated they would definitely enroll in an SI supported section in the future; and 56% would definitely recommend the SI component to a friend.

The pilot within the math department will continue into fall 2016 and spring 2017.  Expansion to other departments is still under discussion with scheduling being the major concern.

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