Developmental Education Initiatives

Columbus State began with five levels of mathematics remediation, and taught remedial reading, writing, grammar, and punctuation as separate courses.  This initiative called for forming two teams of faculty (one for English and one for Math) to implement alternative pathways for Mathematics and English (reading/writing).  The new pathways will include “contextualized" math courses for some Career and Tech fields.  These courses would serve as the required college-level Mathematics course, and will also include some embedded remediation to accelerate academic goal completion. 

The modularized Math 1099 course was launched in 2013/14, during the 2014/15 year >2400 students participated, and in Autumn 2015 1452 students participated as the intervention is scaled up.  06_outcomes_math-1099.pdf

For the first time in 2014/15, 48 students participated in a quantitative literacy course with 0% withdraw rate and approx. 84% success rate.  This is a first course in algebra specifically designed for students enrolled in programs that do not require college algebra. Traditional beginning algebra topics including basic numeric/algebraic skills and reasoning, linear equations, application modeling, and data literacy are addressed in a contextualized format using a pedagogy that promotes problem solving and critical thinking through collaborative learning and online toolsThe intervention was scaled up in Autumn 2015 with 289 students and a 76.8% success rate.  06_outcomes_math-1025.pdf  

For the English initiative launched in 2014/15, 490 students participated with a success rate of 62.04%.  The English 1101 course is a beginning composition course for students who can benefit from additional independent small-group or tutor/teacher- directed work, which develops processes for critically reading, writing, and responding to a variety of texts in order to compose clear, concise expository essays. The course facilitates an awareness of the interplay among purpose, audience, content, structure, and style, while also introducing research and documentation methods. Course reading and writing assignments may be thematically organized. Completion of English 1101 is equivalent to completion of English 1100.  06_outcomes_engl-1101.pdf

ID 15657

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