Mandatory Advising and Orientation

Beginning in Fall 2011, all developmentally placed students were coded with an Advising Hold -- they could not register for classes without first seeing an advisor.  This action resulted in an increase in the percentage of these students taking the College's Student Success Course, thus leveraging the two initiatives and contributing to the overall success of students.

To strengthen the advising component, the College adopted a Mandatory Advising and Orientation program in Fall of 2012.  All new students are required to attend an orientation which includes an introduction to North Central -- its resources and policies.  All students visit with an advisor during the orientation program and then register for their classes.

The results of this intervention are reflected in the improved fall-to-winter (term-to-term) persistence for incoming students, which has increased from 74% in 2012 to 81% in 2015.  The improvement has been particularly seen among our part-time students, with an improvement from 61% to 72%, showing that we have been successful in reaching and educating this group of new students via advising and the orientation.


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