Placement Boot Camps

This strategy calls for the creation and implementation of mini-courses (a.k.a. boot camps) to help students prepare for placement tests in Mathematics and English.  Similar courses at other institutions have helped many students avoid one or more levels of remediation, saving them time & money and improving success.  For Summer 2014, 26 students attended bootcamp, of which 19 were TRIO students.  All students who retested in reading scored higher than on their initial tests and 64% either moved up a level or tested out of reading entirely.  In English most student improved their scores, and 46% placed into a higher-level course than had initially; 29% of re-testers moved up a level in their math sequence.  Since the initial launch in 2014, Columbus State has implemented placement bootcamps, largely for students coming to Columbus State from high school, through grant-funding, both internally and via private grants.  In Autumn 2015, 61 students participated in the bootcamps with a 79.9% successful course completion rate for those students who participated in ALEKS bootcamps and a 67.5% successful course completion rate for those students who participated in a COMPASS bootcamp. 07_outcomes_placement_bootcamps.pdf

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