Out-of-class Academic Support Services

Out-of-class academic support is a mainstay of Columbus State and continues to grow and expand.  Columbus State out-of-class resources include faculty who tutor, Learning Support Specialists, Peer Tutors, Supplemental Instruction Leaders, and mentors; and approximately 20% of students who attended tutoring were first year students.    Through Supplemental Instruction, students learn to become independent learners, critical thinkers, and to take responsibility for completing their academic responsibilities.  

Currently the college is implementing learning organizations for several cohorts using a full wrap-around service approach (early alert, supplemental instruction, tutors, peer mentoring...).  Through various models of intervention, Columbus State will target academic support, by content area (high enrollment low success) and ATD target population, with the purpose of providing full “wrap-around" out-of-class academic support to students, including but not limited to peer mentoring and/or supplemental instruction, early alert, learning organizations with resources in Blackboard, tutoring, and cohort advising.  In Autumn 2015, Columbus State expanded tutoring options to students through an online tutoring resource.  As participation in tutoring continues to climb, outcomes for students who attend also continue to increase and course withdraw rates decrease as compared to those students who don't participate:  08_outcomes_tutoring_au15_update.pdf.  During the 2016/17 year, Columbus State will work to develop strategies and increase participation in the high-impact intervention of Supplemental Instruction.  Approximately 16% of students attended tutoring during Spring 2015.  Success data for students who attended tutoring in Autumn 2015 indicate that 76% were successful in the course in which they attended tutoring as compared to 70.6% success rates for those who did not attend in the courses.  Students who attended tutoring were also less likely to withdraw from a course with a withdraw rate of 5.3% for tutoring students in Autumn 2015, and 6.8% for their peers.

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