Arts and Sciences Learning Communities

By enrolling a cohort of students in the same two courses (e.g., the College Success Course, and Psychology), Columbus State will build a learning community to increase student connections to the college and peers.  In addition to the paired courses, the cohort will schedule one additional hour per week to connect to advising, faculty, and other college resources that can help them meet their academic goals.  Thus far, Arts and Sciences Learning Communities can not be said to be an unqualified success.  Both the ENG 1100 and PSY 1100 courses showed higher overall success rates for those students who were in the non-LC courses.  One variable that likely influences this but has not been controlled for is previous number of courses completed; whereas most LC student were brand-new college students, the students in the Non-LC courses had many more credit hours.  Recommendation in the future is to create themed LC courses to foster even higher levels of engagement. 09_outcomes_learning_communities.pdf

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