Beginning Autumn 2014, Columbus State offers honors sections for 11 courses.  The sections include primarily general education courses and high enrollment courses with the long-term goal of expanding to include multiple programs and areas.  The Honor's Program, in partnership with Preferred Pathways (transfer paths to specific 4-year partners), admissions and other college offices works to establish a seamless and comprehensive way for students to enter the Honor's Program.  Once in the Honor's Program students must complete at least 15 hours of honor's level course work and an established number of honor's extracurricular activities (measured in points--such as tutoring, attending events....) in order to graduate with the honor's designation.  Honor students are also eligible to apply for a $2,000 scholarship that is renewable after two years.  Currently being scaled up, in Autumn 2014, 431 students participated in the honors cohort with a success rate of 88.2%, and in Autumn 2015, 566 students participated with a success rate of 91.5%:  10_outcomes_honors.pdf.  

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