Generation One Trailblazers

The purpose of this project is to provide first generation students at Columbus State with support through the Generation One Trailblazers (GOT) – a faculty driven resource group established in 2010.  First generation students – those who are among the first in their families to attend college – are a cohort identified by colleges and student success advocates (such as Achieving the Dream) as individuals who face academic obstacles that “traditional" students do not usually face. Through GOT we aim to support our first generation students (currently in excess of 6,000 students) via education of proper academic expectations, awareness of college procedures and resources, promoting a sense of community, and enhanced connectivity with peers, faculty, and the college as a whole. In short, connectivity through GOT enhances academic success and helps our students “blaze a trail" for themselves and their families.  For the 2014/15 year, we enrolled 6,700 student in the Blackboard community, 120 students attended community events, 58 students were paired with mentors, and 30 students attended First Generation Movie night. For Autumn 2015, 62 students participated in GOT events with an overall successful completion rate of 80.7% and withdraw rate of 4.1%, and with an average number of credits completed at 9.1, while the college overall experienced a 72.2% success rate, 7.2% withdraw rate, and average number of credits completed at 6.45: 12_outcomes_generation_one_trailblazers_au15.pdf


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