Faculty and Staff-Led Faculty Development

Faculty-led faculty development with increased focus on adjunct professional development is seen as an opportunity to scale student success--starting with gateway courses. Columbus State will foster faculty-led development (inclusive of adjunct faculty) by:

  • finding out more about what faculty members (adjunct and full time) need to help them engage with students (beyond the immediate content concerns) by fishbone analysis
  • providing a working space for adjuncts to engage with students
  • involving part-time faculty in faculty led cross-disciplinary groups to explore common interests and concerns, and share ideas and best practices. Examples of topics include (not limited to) learning community cohorts in gateway courses (and/or developmental courses), and collaborative learning groups-(include training provided by Patrick Henry College).
  • integrating resources such as those being developed through AtD, and Office of Academic Affairs committees with the Adjunct Program Committee/Adjunct Resource Group
  • communicating and sharing best practices from conferences
  • encouraging faculty leadership opportunities
  • providing department full-time faculty mentors to guide new adjunct faculty
  • visiting AtD leader colleges in Ohio (Cuyahoga and Sinclair) to learn how their colleges engage part-time faculty
  • pursuing alternative ways to obtain funding for implementing innovative approaches to teaching and learning--e.g. research of potential grants available
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