First Year Experience and the Student Success Course

First implemented in 2014/15, the one-credit student success course is designed to provide students with an introduction to the college. It emphasizes skills and resources necessary to be successful in their personal, academic and career-related pursuits. The course includes an orientation to college resources, policies, and processes. Students who test into two or more developmental education courses take an expanded version of the course COLS 1101.  The college success course has been identified as a high-impact practice and undergoes a routine continuous improvement process to ensure relevency to changing college interventions, policies and practices. In Autumn 2015, 3295 student participated in in COLS 1100 with a course success rate of 77.3%, a withdrawal rate of 4%, and an Autumn to Spring retention rate of 77.3% (14_outcomes_cols-1100.pdf).  An additional 769 students participated in COLS 1101 with a 75.6% course success rate, 4.2% withdrawal rate, and 77.4% (Autum 15 to Spring 16) retention rate 14_outcomes_cols-1101.pdf.

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