Create a Strategic Plan for Achievement and Equity

Under the guidance of the Planning and Research office, Walla Walla Community College engaged in an open and inclusive process that resulted in a Strategic Plan for Equity and Inclusion (Equity Plan). The plan was approved by the WWCC Board of Trustees at their regular meeting in April.

The Equity Plan identifies five strategic goals that emphasize institutional change in organization, policy, and practice. Those are:

1.    Establish a leadership-level position for a “Chief” Equity and Inclusion Officer.

2.    Build equity, diversity, and inclusion competencies

3.    Increase recruitment of faculty and staff from underrepresented groups.

4.    Increase the retention of faculty and staff from underrepresented groups

5.    Strengthen partnerships with community-based organizations and provide services to underrepresented populations in the district.

As the College prepares a tactical plan to coordinate the implementation of the strategic goals, progress has been made in the area of recruitment and hiring. Some measures taken to alter our policies and practices include mandatory training for hiring committee participants that addresses hiring diverse faculty (and staff); revising the application process, where jobs are posted, the interview process, and hiring criteria to ensure a “best fit” when matching job candidates to specific positions at the College.

A workgroup will continue to meet over the summer months to solidify the next steps in implementation and develop an evaluation schema for each of the strategic goals.

Spring 2016

Although funding its top priority, establishing a Chief Equity Officer, remains a challenge, we have made progress on our equity agenda. This year we had a strong, active, and well-attended Equity, Inclusion and Diversity committee. In the 2015-16 school year, there were two campus wide events for students, staff and faculty: the screening of Paper Tigers and Women’s History Month talks.  In partnership with ASB, the committee was able to bring Helen Thayer, public speaker, to campus in March.  After viewing Paper Tigers, staff and instructors wanted more information on ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences). Professional development was provided around ACES as a method to strengthen our community. The “D course designation” Diversity sub-committee evaluated six courses. Of those courses, four courses were approved for meeting diversity requirement for graduation with an AA degree beginning in the 2016-17 year.  The professional development group coordinated two faculty led initiatives, a “What do I want my professor to know about me?” video training and an “Understand current students” game.  Both are currently in modification for use in 2016-17.  The diversity committee was able to partner with ASB to fund fifteen (15) students to attend the Washington State Students of Color Conference.  Seven (7) of the committee members also participated in a book club that met monthly and discussed Dena R Samuels “The Culturally Inclusive Educator.”

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