2016 Hawai'i Strategy Institute

The 2016 Hawai‘i Strategy Institute was the seventh institute that brought together over 950 faculty, staff and adminstrators from the seven colleges in the University of Hawai‘i Community Colleges, who are engaged in best practices, innovations, and strategies that lead to increased student success.  Besides learning about what their colleagues are doing, participants also learn about system-wide progress and national student success trends in higher education. 

This year’s theme, "Accelerating Student Success", was a reflection of the University of Hawai‘i Community Colleges ongoing strategies and initiatives to increase the number of students receiving a degree or certificate.  We had a general assembly presentation on our Co-requisite Initiative that included all seven Vice Chancellors for Academic Affairs and all seven Vice Chancellors for Student Affairs answering questions on progress, considerations, and expectations.  This was preceeded by a special video of Dr. Tristen Denley, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Tennessee Board of Regents, speaking about the co-requisite model and how it can benifit our students.

Keynote speakers included:

Dr. Gail Mellow, President, LaGuardia Community College, presented on “The Big Picture: Don’t Miss Your Time!”, a bit of the national picture, trends in curriculum and professional development, “friends” and “bullies” in the higher education space, the urgency of grabbing “your time”, the affordances of technology as supporter, the power of a community of practitioners (faculty & staff), the imperative of collaboration, and the power of moving forward.

Dr. James W. Stigler, Professor, UCLA Dept. of Psychology, spoke on “Teaching for Understanding: What Will It Take?”.  What does it mean to understand? And how can we teach for understanding?

Dr. Connie Tingson-Gatuz, Vice President for Student Affairs and Mission Integration, Madonna University, presented “Beyond the Big Test:  Infusing Non-Cognitive Skill Development into the Curriculum”. 

Additionally, there were 113 breakout/workshop sessions presented by 207 faculty, admistrators, staff, and community partners, on a wide range of topics.  See the agenda and program on our website at http://www.uhcc.hawaii.edu/OVPCC/achieving_the_dream/hawaii_strategy.php.  Presenters PowerPoint and/or handouts can also be found there.  

The importance of the Hawai'i Strategy Institute cannot be understated in terms of engaging faculty, staff and administrators in both the macro and micro elements of UHCC's student success initiatives and related polices, practices, strategies and planning.   In addition to learning and sharing strategies and initiatives, the Institute provided time for faculty from across the system to meet by disciplines to discuss common issues and ways to move forward. Participants also had the opportunity to meet with colleagues from their respective colleges to discuss the impact and next steps for their college.


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