Accelerated Developmental Mathematics Pathways/Summer FOCUS Camps

Our Mathematics Initiative also restructured to improve student success, to increase student performance, and to accelerate student completion of the developmental mathematics education sequence.  Students who might have taken up to four semesters to transition to college-level mathematics are placed in either independently paced combined Pre-Algebra\Introduction to Algebra or simultaneously enrolled College Algebra and non-course-based-options (NCBO) courses.  Additionally, we seek to increase the number of mathematics students entering and successfully completing their gateway mathematics courses by advising them toward STEM or Non-STEM pathway.  

This summer we will offer Summer Focus Camps specifically targeting TSI content allowing students who are not college ready to work on the content in which they need the most improvement.  Each day they will focus on instructor-facilitated mini-lessons and computer-based instruction targeting areas customized to their needs.  The FOCUS of the camp is for the student to advance once developmental course level or accelerate into college-ready status.  Students that qualify for the FOCUS camps are current students who have placed in developmental educations, FTIC enrolling in the Fall whose TSI, EOC, TAKS, ACT, or SAT scores do not place them into college-level courses or dual credit students or high school students that wish to qualify for dual credit courses.  

ID 15694

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