First Year Experience

The First Year Experience (FYE) program offers students the opportunity to begin their sequence in the summer, with a hand-on approach to learning the fundamentals of math, English and reading. As the students' progress, they are in the FYE, which provides them full-time enrollment throughout the year (12 units). Because of the heavy focus on math and English, the students will be able to complete their educational pipeline. Longitudinal data suggest that while only 11% of an entering cohort completes their educational program in three years, nearly 60% of those completing English and math requirements do. As students make progress in English and math, they are given the opportunity to take general education classes that meet degree and transfer requirements.  

For 2013-14, a number of exciting results came out of the program: Fall to spring persistence was 88.5%. One quarter (25%) of the students completed both English 101 (transfer level) and Math 125 (intermediate algebra, which is the required course for the associate degree) in one year, while this benchmark is not usually achieved until three years, on average, in the district.  This model was supported by a new associate dean of first year programs, who was hired to ensure a coordinated effort among academic affairs and students services, to increase full-time enrollment, and to build programmatic elements that support student success.  

ID 15700

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