First Year Experience: FYEX0050 Success!

North Central State College has had a First Year Experience class since the late 1990s. This course was a three-credit course designed to assist developmental students in acclimating to the college and to college life in general. In 2000, the college piloted a course designed to help college-ready students make a more successful transition to college. This class continued until 2012 when the College transitioned from quarters to semesters. At this time, the college-ready FYE class was discontinued because of the difficulty fitting it into program curriculum requirements. With the state emphasis on success, the President and the College felt it was time to bring back FYE for college-ready students.

The new one-credit First Year Experience course FYEX0050 SUCCESS! is designed to make it applicable to all students new to North Central State College, and it is also a pre-requisite to the two-credit developmental course FYEX0060 Navigating College. FYEX0050 is designed to complement the newly added orientation to college and to introduce students to North Central State College, its resources, and the general expectations/differences between high school and college.

FYEX0050 is offered pre-term and during the first 4 weeks of the term to give students a head-start on success. The initial data for the course indicates that it is helpful. For the fall 2014 course offering, 254 (83%) out of 306 total students completed the course. This is slightly above the average for course completion for the College as a whole. The students who passed had a cumulative GPA of 2.8 while the 52 students who did not pass had a cumulative GPA of 1.0. This data shows that having a course that introduces students to college resources and techniques to study efficiently, effectively, and enjoyably helps students to be successful in their first term of college.

The latest spring 2016 data is available, and 73 (96%) students passed the course out of 76. In addition, 90% of the students would recommend the course to other students and the same 90% say they feel prepared for their first day of class.  We continue to look for new ways to connect students to the College and to guide/prepare them for successful completion of their goals in college.

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