The Solutions Adult Transition program is co-located with the Tutoring Resource Center.  Students in the Solutions program are served by NC State tutors while they are studying to improve their Compass scores. This program prepares students to test out of developmental courses, saving them time and money.  There were 121 individuals enrolled in the Solutions program during FY 2014. Of these persons, 73 enrolled at NC State between Fall 2013 and Fall 2014 and 63 attempted at least one related course. Of these NCSC enrollees, 61% progressed on math, 42% on writing to college level and 76% on reading to college level.

The newest focus of Solutions is to engage students in campus activities before they enroll.  Engagement leads to the forming of relationships with peers, tutors, and college staff and faculty, which leads to retention.  Solutions students are retained at a higher rate than other developmental students.  Upon enrollment, former Solutions students are encouraged to mentor new enrollees to the program. 

ID 15715

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