Tutoring Resource Center

NC State created the Tutoring Resource Center in fall of 2009, and it is open 40 hours a week.  The Center has served 25% of all developmental students, more than 800 unique students.  Further, developmental students who receive tutoring pass their courses at a much higher rate than students who do not.  Tutoring is offered in Fallerius, Shelby, Health Science Center, and online, so we are able to meet the diverse needs of our students.  We employ primarily students as tutors because they have the ability to work with their peers on a level that others cannot, as they walk in the shoes of the students every day.

In 2013, we added an embedded tutoring program to our services to scale up the number of students being served.  We are now placing tutors within all of our developmental and gateway English and math courses, serving an additional 1,000 students each term.  These tutors work very closely with faculty to serve the varying needs of students.  Tutors work with students during, before, and after class.  They also schedule group workshops to review for tests or to work on specific topics of difficulty. Students, faculty and tutors are very satisfied with the program, which was reflected in a survey given to each group in both fall and spring of 2013-2014.  In courses with embedded tutors, students tended to perform better.  For example, from 2013 to 2016, course success rates have gone from 53% to 73% in developmental English and from 67% to 75% in gateway English.   Also, both developmental and gateway Math course success has improved over the last four years as well.  Developmental Math has increased from 66% to 69% and gateway Math have increased from 76% to 79%.  

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