College Prep Math

With help from the entire campus, a team of mathematics professors combined the most beneficial portions of Oklahoma City Community College's previous efforts toward developmental mathematics reform with research from other schools to create the College Prep Math (CPM) sequence. CPM is a four-course sequence consisting of a numeracy course and three courses that integrate arithmetic with algebra. Our classes incorporate mini-lectures, group work, guided practice (mastery computer-based work for three of the four classes), and study skills. We utilize a team-teaching approach, so students typically interact with three to five professors per course and experience at least two different learning environments each class. Placing students properly is essential for any course. Therefore, we created the Math Assessment and Placement (MAP) test that is aligned to our curriculum. In addition to our classroom efforts, our students have access to a wonderful math lab that has tutors and computer programs available for mathematics support more than 70 hours each week during the Fall and Spring semesters.

One of the most recent additions to the determination of students' need for developmental math was to review students' high school transcripts.   Students who maintained a B or better in 4 years of high school math, including at least one course with Algebra II as a prerequisite can be placed directly into the following College Level Math courses: Math 1503, Math 1513 or Math 2013. Students who maintained grades of B or better in Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry during high school can be placed directly into College Prep Math 3.

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