Success in College & Life Course

Statistics have shown that students benefit from taking an entry level student success course during their first semester. In 2008-2009, the college developed and implemented a one-credit hour course for first-time students. The course provides students with information on many college services to improve their success, assist students in completing an actionable academic plan, and provide students with a personal connection to the various service departments on campus. Persistence has continued to be higher for students who take the Success in College and Life Course compared to the eligible students who did not take the course.  Students' course success is also higher for those student who completed the SCL course compared to those who did not.   As a result of this data, students now must sign a contract indicating that they do not want to enroll in SCL in their first semester.  As a result of this change, the percent of these students enrolling in the SCL course has continued to increase.

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