Intrusive Mentoring

In an effort to increase retention, SC4 has implemented practices to provide more intrusive mentoring approaches to student interactions. The first approach was to provide information to faculty program leads for students who have declared their program. Faculty then reached out to students personally in class and via email to encourage registration for upcoming semesters. Secondly, data for students entering in fall 2012 was provided to academic advisors in fall 2014, tasked with the responsibility of contacting students and assisting them in their plan to complete that year (within 150%).

In winter 2015, the CARE (Completion and Retention Excellence) program was introduced. Volunteer faculty and staff were trained as CARE coaches and provided with the contact information for 5-10 students from the fall 2013 entering student cohort. The CARE coaches reach out to those students regularly with important date reminders, words of encouragement, and offers to help with questions. They serve as a “point person” on campus where students can receive direction and referrals on miscellaneous questions that often create barriers to student retention and completion.

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