College Transition Center (Placement into Developmental Education)

After examining our data and listening to students and faculty, we found that many students in the lowest levels of developmental education struggled to finish the math modules in 4 weeks or less, that they were using much of their federal financial aid on developmental courses, and they were not entering into their desired fields of study.  As a result, the College Transition Center was designed and implemented to deliver the two lowest levels of developmental math (called Transition math) and the lowest level of developmental English/Reading (Transition Reading). While these students are technically equivalent to basic skills students, their experiences within the College Transition Center environment are more similar to those of a curriculum student.  The College Transition Center is located in the same building as the majority of general education and transfer programs to promote students’ engagement with the broader population of curriculum students.  Faculty and staff of the College Transition Center are carefully selected to ensure a good fit for teaching this population of students.  In the College Transition Center, students have the ability to progress through the lowest two math modules at the pace necessary to make adequate academic growth.   The center utilizes mastery learning through a technology delivered format, instructor guided learning teams, focused contextualized lessons, and academic/career guidance and support to help students make realistic career and academic decisions, as well as set them on the path toward earning a family sustaining wage.

In its first year of implementation, the College Transition Center has made a difference in the success rate of students in the lowest levels of developmental math.  For Fall 2014, the combined rate of student success in the two lowest levels of developmental math was 63%.  However, when provided through the College Transition Center in Fall 2015, the combined rate of student success for the same levels of developmental math increased to 93%.  Additionally, there was no difference between the success rates of African American and Caucasian students who enrolled in the College Transition Center.

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