Professional Development

Since 2010-11, the College has employed a full-time Director of Adjunct Faculty who supports the engagement and professional development of the adjunct faculty.  This support includes an orientation for new adjunct instructors each term; monthly professional development sessions on pedagogy, technology and classroom management; special training sessions on the use of the Blackboard Learning Management System; and departmentally focused interactions with the full-time faculty.  The Director of Adjunct Faculty and the Assistant Dean for Instructional Technology also organize training workshops for new online instructors each term. 

In addition to training opportunities, the College has formed an Adjunct Advisory Council to solicit, respect, and respond to the concerns of this important cadre of instructors.  Given that the percentage of total credit hours taught by adjunct faculty has increased from 58% to 60% over the last four years, the engagement of adjuncts contributes to student success. 

With changes from our institutional accreditor, the Higher Learning Commission, regarding guidelines for determining qualified faculty, we are encouraging adjunct faculty to apply for tuition reimbursement and/or excellence funding opportunities for professional development; still, the amount of professional development necessary will likely prove prohibitive for many of our adjuncts, and it is unlikely the college will be able to compensate adjuncts adequately for this work.

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