Math Curriculum Redesign

In 2011, North Central added a full-time developmental Math instructor and embarked on a major revision of the Math curriculum.  As a result, developmental Math success rates rose by 13-15 percentage points.  The new curriculum incorporates a Math lab approach using Pearson's My Math Lab and enables students to move forward individually.  In addition to improvements made in developmental math, the curriculum now includes a Contextualized Math course and Math for Allied Health Professionals course.  The latter course is team taught by professors in the Math and Nursing departments.

With changes in the Michigan Transfer Agreement (three pathways toward math transfer:  College Algebra, Statistics, and "Quantitative Reasoning") and the phasing out of the Compass exam to determine placement, we have embarked on a full-scale discussion of what math is necessary for each of our degrees.  We are investigating the use of multiple measures for placement into math classes (minimum overall HS GPA of 2.6, plus four years of math including at least Algebra II, etc.), and will also likely be using Accuplacer for those applying students who either don't have a HS GPA (homeschool, or GED, or returning student with transcripts >5 years old).  We have encouraging results from the Math for Allied Health Professionals, but this course will also need a "bridge" course to get Nursing students to the needed prerequisites for Statistics, the math class necessary for completion of the Bacherlor of Science in Nursing degree.

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