Classroom Engagement and Use of Technology

iPad tablet technology is being evaluated and explored in a variety of settings at North Central. 

* In Fall 2012, all full-time faculty were issued an iPad and provided training that would enable them to experiment with its use in the classroom. 

* The Paramedic program replaced its 7 volume text requirement with an iPad requirement and integrated tablet technology into its training.

* Apple TVs were installed in the College's new Health Education and Science Center and in its Cheboygan Center.  These enable to the faculty member to move around the room and also enable students to share their screens with the entire class.

* English composition instructors were also issued iPads and are using iAnnotate to give students more complete feedback on their writing assignments.

* Nursing students and faculty are using tablet and iPod technologies to access information and keep records.  In addition, student clinical tests were captured on digital video-cameras, allowing students to practice, review, and succeed in a low-stress environment.

Since 2012, we have discovered that approximately half of the faculty who received iPads are still using them actively; there has not been universal acceptance of the technology across all divisions, for a variety of reasons, including the lack of access to Blackboard's grading platform from the iPad.  As we investigate new LMS platforms, this ability to access grading and other LMS services from mobile platforms has played a role.

We are steadily increasing our ability to record high fidelity simulations in our Nursing/Allied Health simulation labs; we are currently using the Panopto platform to capture multiple camera feeds from the simulators, and to provide feedback to students and instructors digitally.  We are developing policies for the retention of these digital records that will enable student learning, but limit student and college liability.

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