Academy for Teaching Excellence

Harper College launched an Academy for Teaching Excellence (2013) to holistically coordinate and expand professional development for full and adjunct faculty. Led by a distinguished chair for teaching excellence, the Academy is housed within the library and includes a technology lab, an experimental classroom facility, and a resource center. Since its inception, the chair for teaching excellence has worked with the leadership of the Center for Adjunct Faculty Engagement (CAFE)  and the Center for Innovative Instruction (CII) along with a governance committee to develop a unified plan for faculty development. With input from two planning summits and multiple roundtable discussions, the Academy's plan has begun to be implemented with ties to the College's strategic initiatives and laddered offerings that start with workshops and move to graduate equivalent credit.The Academy has experienced success since its inception and during the 2015-2016 academic year over 200 individual faculty members attended professional devleopment sessions.  The best attended sessions were those directly related to the Academy’s expanded mission of aligning offerings with student success initiatives.  The sessions focused on engaging teaching strategies, assessing student work, and working with students in the First Year Seminar course. During the summer of 2016 the Academy will reoraganize and combine the functions of the CAFE and the CII into the functions of the Academy. The services historically provided by all three areas will continue to be provided, but the college will now have a single unit focused on faculty professional development that better aligns with strategic initiatives.

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