Partners for Success: English Alignment Project

To improve college readiness in writing, English instructors at Harper collaborated with faculty at its high school district partners to create a course for seniors who are at-risk of starting in developmental writing.  The course is aligned with Harper’s highest level of developmental writing, so students who complete the course with a grade of ‘C’ or better and choose to attend Harper will automatically be placed into college level writing with no further testing or placement procedures. During the 2014-2015 academic year 69 students in one of Harper’s high school partner districts offered the year-long composition course for students who are identified as likely to place into developmental writing at Harper College.  Of the 69 students, 35 attended Harper and enrolled in (through automatic placement) ENG101--Harper's college level composition course.Of the 35 students who were placed into ENG101 as a result of the intervention, 23  (66%) passed the course.This number is slightly lower than two comparison groups. First, students who began in developmental English at Harper and were successful in ENG101 (68%); and second, students who were direclty placed into ENG101 based on placement testing or ACT scores (73%). The intervention will continue to be assessed to determine how ENG101 success can be improved. During the upcoming year,over 200 high school students will be participating. 


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