Guided Pathways

Guided Pathways is a transformative model for restructuring academic pathways with students' end goals in mind. Instead of focusing purely on the achievement of a credential at our college, the Guided Pathways model helps set students up for success in their desired next steps, whether that is transfer education or employment, and it offers a clear sequence of learning activities leading to the accomplishment of their goals. The four core themes of this work are:

  1. Mapping pathways to student end goals
  2. Helping students enter a pathway
  3. Keeping students on a path
  4. Ensuring that students are learning

Successful implementation of this model requires a coordinated effort between faculty and student services staff to ensure that college systems and curriculum are aligned internally as well as externally with our K-12, four-year university, and employer partners. Some primary elements of this model include "meta-major" pathways with clear default degree plans, strong advising processes throughout the student's college experience, annual scheduling and self-tracking technologies to help students plan and make progress, and learning outcomes mapped across both courses and programs to ensure students are ready for transfer or work.

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