Accelerated Math Sequence

Delta College has seen promise in accelerated pathways in Mathematics. The Mathematics Division has been working to accelerate pathways in three major directions:

  1. Reducing the amount of time students spend in developmental mathematics
  2. Creating pathways to college-level mathematics courses that satisfy degree requirements  
  3. Reducing the number of credit hours in developmental mathematics

In the first case Math is offering their three developmental courses in accelerated sections where students can take two or three developmental courses in the same semester. 

The accelerated courses report higher student success in all but one case, the last course of the three course sequence, but this accelerated course still reports higher student success than the full semester course.  While students are self-selecting into the accelerated courses, the increase in success rates is still noticeable.  As students take multiple courses in one semester, they are more focused on the courses and less likely to be distracted by external factors.

ID 15767

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