Connect for Success-REACH and Summer Scholars

REACH was a summer bridge program targeted at students with two or more developmental education placements. Particular emphasis was on first-time in college, credential seeking students of color, transitioning from high school to college. The program offered a structured support system that inspired persistence while assisting the student with academic success and in maneuvering through the College system. 

During the 2015-2016 academic year, REACH was part of a redesign of three summer bridge programs designed to help at-risk student populations (first time in college, students of color, low-income students) transition to college.  The existing programs (including REACH) were developed in collaboration with high school partners and each of the three districts had its own summer program with Harper. After a review of the programs, they were consolidated into a single program. The best features of each program were identified and included in a new program called Summer Scholars.  The Summer Scholars program is available to students in all three high school districts and still targets at-risk student populations. The Summer Scholars program allows Harper to continue preparing students for college while focusing its efforts on one program. Students in the existing programs demonstrated success recording high persistence and completion rates. Harper will measure the success of its new program as it welcomes its inaugural class this summer.

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