First Year Experience

The First Year Experience (FYE) program is working to increase student engagement, reduce roadblocks, and improve student success by connecting students to campus resources, faculty, and staff during the first six weeks of each semester.  Prior to the start of classes, FYE  hosts a campus information/resource fair that allows first year students to get connected to the campus, feel more comfortable, and increase their confidence before beginning classes.  Welcome Tents are set up throughout the campus during the first two days of classes to provide a welcoming environment and assist students with questions related to locating buildings, classrooms, and parking.  Workshops on time management, money management, study skills, professionalism, classroom civility, and stress management are coordinated by the FYE program throughout the academic year. These programs are sustained through college wide partnerships with Student Activities, Counseling Services, the Financial Education Center, Career Services, 1-on-1 tutoring, Success Coaching and other student services.

In addition to student development skill-shops and activities, peer to peer mentoring is another key component of FYE. Peer Leaders are successful, returning students embedded into the College Skills/Freshman Seminar courses.  The peer leaders lead activities within the classroom under the guidance of an instructor, assist students with navigating college, helps students connect with campus resources and encourage involvement.  The peer leaders also receive leadership development training which has benefits for both the students and the college. By increasing opportunities for students to become engaged in the campus and reducing roadblocks for success, the FYE program is transforming the way first year students experience college.


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