Greenville Technical College (GTC) seeks to engage students and promote student success from the first point of contact to the point of program completion. To promote this goal, the college instituted a comprehensive orientation program.  Orientation is mandatory for new students and/or those who have not attended GTC in over one year.  New students are defined as: new to GTC, regardless of prior college experience with another institution; or students who have attended GTC previously, but have not been enrolled in more than one year.


Orientation is designed to increase students' knowledge of campus policies, services, and resources that promote student persistence, retention, and ultimately, program completion. Students admitted to the college receive an acceptance packet, directing them to an online registration site where they complete the online orientation that replaced the face to face orientation during the Spring 2016 semester. Students who are coded as career development, post-baccalaureate nursing, Early College/high school and students in short-term certificate or special program are excluded from orientation process but receive other support in preparation for coursework entry and completion.

After students complete the online orientation, they are directed to sign up for a division specific Planning and Advising Session (PASS).  Prior to attending PASS, students have access to faculty members that review their placement scores and assist them in selecting the academic pathway that is the best suited for their learning style, academic interests and ability, and life obligations. Students receive a thorough explanation of  course offering formats including fast-track versus traditional, emporium-lab based math courses, English +, and learning communities. During this pre-advising period, eligible students are also are informed of Multiple Measures placement options for bypassing transitional/development studies courses. Eligibility is based on a range of criteria including review of their high school transcript or GED scores.  This frontend/pre-advising is designed to help students make better informed decisions about their learning experience.  Faculty also provide detailed notes in Student Planning to support the more defined advising completed during PASS

Each PASS session is tailored to meet the needs of the students served within the specific academic division. Students review an overview of college policies, division specific policies, campus resources, and financial aid. The hallmark of the PASS session is the intentional, small group advising that student’s experience. Although students received pre-advising support, the PASS session advising is more intrusive with determining enrollment status, course format, and actual course selection based on the student’s major. After the advising, students register with assistance from faculty members.  At the conclusion on the PASS sessions, students leave with a schedule and an assigned advisor. The orientation process is structured to connect students with faculty early-on and to foster a sense of genuine care and value of their personal and academic success.

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