Accelerate Math


Greenville Tech previously offered Accelerate Math as workshops in the summer and fall where participation was limited.  Because of the success of these workshops, GTC is now offering the program to all new students for all four of our developmental math classes in a lab setting which is staffed by two math faculty.  Students work through the ALEKS software at a cost of $38.00 which can be charged back to their financial aid. After working through the software the students are able to retest to see if they can place into a higher level math class.

Accelerate Math has two primary goals:  1) improve the placement of new GTC students who place into developmental math and 2) if goal 1) is unsuccessful, improve the math skills and; therefore, the success of students in the developmental class that they take.  The fact that students now have a pathway to improve before they ever take a math class is transforming the way new students feel about taking math classes at GTC.  Secondary goals are: 1) introducing the students to faculty and staff at the college before they begin their classes; 2) giving students access to library and lab resources before they start classes; 3) helping students to understand that GTC is a friendly, helpful place and that our number one goal is their success.  Because our research data has indicated that math is one of the primary deterrents for successful completion of programs at GTC, Accelerate Math is facilitating the removal of that barrier to help student successfully complete their math courses and more toward completion.




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