English+ gives qualified students a way to move ahead more quickly by providing an opportunity to master the outcomes of developmental English 100 as a paired course with specially designated sections of curriculum English 101. Modeled after the ALP program at the Community College of Baltimore, the six-credit hour course combination, meeting twice a week and taught by the same instructor, offers students an English 100 class with fewer students and more individualized instruction. Successful students complete their required English courses a semester earlier than students who place into English 100 and take the traditional two semester track to complete the required Freshman Composition course.  English+ students develop a strong sense of community, resulting in higher retention rates than traditional English 100 classes.  In addition, English+ students create strong relationships with faculty.  Moreover, because English 101 is a pre or co-requisite for many college courses, the English+ students enjoy a wider range of course options a semester earlier and may progress more quickly to coursework in their chosen field.  We continue to gather data on continued retention and success for Eng+ students as they move on to other course work.

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