Strategies for College Success course redesign

Strategies for College Success (SCS 101) is the redesigned version of the former Orientation to College Seminar course (ORI 100). The course is intended to provide support to academically underprepared students entering college. Academically underprepared is defined as a student who places into two or more developmental courses in reading, math and/or English. The course has been redesigned and expanded to provide further support to these students so that they can persist beyond the first semester and be successful in other academic course work. The redesign includes: 

  • Expansion from one-credit hour to two-credit hours. 
  • New student learning outcomes have been developed and have been constructed so as to be assessable.
  • A course assessment plan has been developed.
  • The course covers three broad areas:  college policies, procedures and resources; study and life skills (managing time, preparing for tests, note taking strategies, study habits, learning styles, managing stress, appreciating diversity, etc.); and individual and group advising (course instructors serve as the students' advisor for the semester). New mandatory course content on critical thinking, career exploration/development, and academic planning has been introduced.

A revised mandatory training program and handbook for all faculty teaching the course has been developed and implemented.

Progress on yearly goals and outcomes related to intervention:

  • At least three student learning outcomes will be assessed each academic year.
  • Course success rates will increase.
  • Increase impact on students and benefit students' in SCS 101.
  • AY 2009-2010- Pre-intervention success rate was 64% in Fall.
  • AY 2010-2011- Originally named intervention College Orientation Course Revision (SCS 101).  Completely revised because data showed that the course prior to revision had little to no impact on student success.
  • AY 2010-2011- Curriculum Committee and Board of Trustees approved of the adoption of SCS 101, making the course requirement for all double-developmental students.  Face-to-face time was doubled and the objectives were amended to better align with the needs of today's college student.
  • AY 2011-2012- College Orientation course revision intervention changed to Strategies for College Success redesign.
  • AY 2011-2012- With a change in writing placement allowing more students to accelerate directly into college level coursework, fewer students are mandated to take the SCS course. The remaining students in double developmental have deeper remediation needs, resulting in the following  decreased success rates:  Fall 2010-57.1%; Fall 2011-56.4% 

Progress updates on objectives and strategies:

  • AY 2012-2013- Examining the current methods and delivery of the SCS 101 course and how the current form can be implemented college-wide.
  • AY 2013-2014 – Strategies for College Success Course is working to modularize content and delivery to reach more students.
  • AY 2015-2016 – Recent data shows that students who successfully complete SCS have a 26% higher retention rate from fall to fall than students who have never taken the course. As a result, SCS faculty are researching ranging credit delivery to target students with particular needs.
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