Guided Pathways

Guided Pathways is an initiative that focuses on student completion with design principles focusing on the creation of career pathways (meta-majors), clear academic maps, progress tracking systems, predictable scheduling, accelerated transitional studies, and enhanced dual-enrollment opportunities.

2015-2016 Guided Pathways Activities

Kick-off Guided Pathways initiative
Created a set of Career Pathways (meta-majors)
Created an initial set of academic maps
Set up early colleges at two ISDs and three different individual districts
Developed SWOTS of intake, advising, and support processes
Identified several options for predictive analytics, early alert and guided pathways implementation tool
Transitional math group identified models for acceleration

Goals for 2016-17

Complete map production
Begin predictive scheduling work
Further develop plans for early college students
Initiate transitional math changes
Identify opportunities for improvement in intake and advising groups
Pilot early intervention and predictive analytics

ID 15803

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