MAT 011B

MAT 011B is a four-credit beginning algebra. Students who place in the high range of arithmetic on Accuplacer now place into this class, instead of going through the two course arithmetic–beginning algebra path. This accelerates their progress in developmental math. Originally, this new course was optional; it is now a direct placement.

Progress on yearly goals and outcomes related to intervention:

  • Success rates in this four-credit course are comparable to the comparison three-credit course.
  • AY 2008-2009- Implemented as a four-credit course that consists of a review of Arithmetic and all Beginning Algebra.  Targeted the upper range of students who place in the first level of developmental math.
  • AY 2009-2010- Decision made to continue MAT 011B courses as pilots, and continue to evaluate the impact and effectiveness for increasing student success.  Continued as pilot due to low enrollments.
  • AY 2010-2011- Continued to adjust and identify the placement score range to maximize the number of students eligible to take the course.       
  • AY 2011-2012- Since Fall 2007, students enrolled in this group and the comparison group has comparable success rates.
ID 15805

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