Retention Alert (RA)


<p>Early Alert Interventions by Faculty - Implemented early intervention initiatives with students – Early intervention initiatives were implemented for students who had been absent from class (e.g., same-day phoning or sending an email to the student, or contacting students who had earned less than 70% on an assignment to develop a plan for improvement).</p>


<p>TCCD purchased an early alert, Retention Alert (RA), program this past summer. Retention Alert, an alert system designed to notify students early who may be in need of additional academic support, will be scaled up and available to all faculty for use beginning this Fall 2014. Students identified at risk, by faculty, for potentially failing a course will be notified early and provided referrals to campus services as needed. The target goals are to improve course completion and student retention. By alerting a student early who is in potential jeopardy for failing a course, our goal is to engage the student with the faculty and identify pathways to success in the course and at TCC. In Spring 2014 semester we piloted the program at two campuses with the Biology faculty and students. Afterwards, the faculty participated in a debriefing session to provide feedback and recommendations. Based on the information, adjustments are being made to the faculty training documents and mode of deliveries.</p>

<p>Update:&nbsp; TCC has implemented enhancements to our student systems network to allow more timely retention and early alert options.</p>

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