Faculty Professional Development

Required faculty professional development days focus on the student success agenda. We have incorporated themes of access, success, engagement and celebration. These days are used to disseminate data results, showcase best practices and highlight promising practices internally and nationally.  Developing an inclusive environment for all faculty to participate in student success interventions for scalability and long-term success.

Progress on yearly goals and outcomes related to intervention:

  • Increase faculty awareness of student success issues.
  • AY 2010-2011- Intervention originally named Professional Development Days and created awareness of the achievement gap issues among faculty.  Focused on best practices to achieve greater success rates.
  • AY 2010-2011- Faculty encouraged sharing their success stories and successful approaches and interventions.
  • AY 2011-2012- Changed to Faculty Professional Development intervention.  Faculty is now required to participate in two professional development days that have focused on student success.
  • AY 2011-2012- An optional third day is also offered for faculty professional development days.
  • AY 2012-2013- To fully engage faculty and adjunct faculty in professional development opportunities, the College added full- and part- time faculty to the Student Success Initiative Committee, hired a new Director of Faculty Development and hired a new Coordinator of Curriculum and Assessment, and appointed a Faculty Development Task Force Committee. 
  • AY 2013-2014-The spring 2014 equity themed faculty professional development day is being planned, implemented, and facilitated fully by a group of full-time faculty.
  • AY 2013-2014- A blog was launced for developmental education and Gateway Course faculty, which provides rich content and resources for assessment discussions.
  • AY 2013-2014-Two assessment discussions were held for Developmental Education: Instructional Best Practices to Support Student Success.  Sessions are scheduled in day and evening with videoconference and call-in options. 
  • AY 2013-2014-A brief, 3-point survey was developed to survey part-time faculty in order to enhance engagement in the SSI Discussion Forum for Developmental Education faculty.
  • AY 2013-2014-Transforming Your Talents continues to be updated, particularly with 24/7 webinars for faculty, most recently to include a series in developmental education.
  • AY 2013-2014-Student Success Strategies Inventory, created by faculty, will be implemented in the fall of 2014.
  • AY 2014-2015 -New Director of Faculty Development hired effective spring 2015; reinstated Faculty Development Task Force; resturctured orientation and mentoring programs for more significance.
  • AY 2015-2016 – Constructed a “Plan for Faculty Development” based on faculty surveys; reinstated the Facutly Development Task Force, a full- and part-time faculty led group charged with initiating professional development programming; and promoted faculty engagement across the College through a faculty newsletter, a reading club, and Faculty Connections, a series of focused discussions that give faculty an opportunity to interact with colleagues outside of their own discipline.
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