MAT 010B

MAT 010B is a one-credit arithmetic refresher course offered as an option prior to each semester for the student who achieves a designated Accuplacer score, and who would have been required to complete two three-credit developmental courses, and the student feels that they only need to refresh forgotten concepts. Upon successful completion, students move directly into the next level developmental math course, beginning algebra, to improve student success.

Progress on yearly goals and outcomes related to intervention:

  • Success rates in MAT 011 are comparable to the success rates of those who placed directly into MAT 011 or who took the traditional MAT 010 prior to MAT 011.
  • AY 2008-2009- A 2-week math refresher course, designed as an option for students who place in the upper range of scores for the first level of developmental math.
  • AY 2009-2012- An alternative approach to teaching MAT 010B was piloted and yielded a success rate of 73.7% for an n=19 students.  Development of curriculum materials occurred in Summer 2009.
  • AY 2010-2011- Had success rates equal or above their comparison groups.  Curricular options with success rates for accelerated students the same or better than comparison groups.
  • AY 2011-2012- Since Spring 2009, students enrolled in MAT 010B have out-performed their comparison group in the next course.

    MAT 010B - 58% success; general population- 53% success.

AY 2012-2013- In the Spring, five students retook the placement test after completing MA 010, and one student placed in MAT 100, one student placed in MAT 106, and three students placed in MAT 011.

ID 15818

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