SAT exemptions

SAT exemption scores have been changed to holistically place students into college-level courses based on collected data. The acceptable math exemption score was lowered from 550 to 520 and English was initiated for the first time at 500.

Progress on yearly goals and outcomes related to intervention:

  • Students with Accuplacer scores within these exemption ranges perform comparable to the overall group.
  • AY 2010-2011- In the Fall, students had the following success rates: 85.7% SAT exempted student / 69.3% comparison group.  Lowered math exemption scores to reflect evidence that showed students with a lower SAT score were equally successful in their first college math course. Original intervention named SAT exemption change/addition.
  • AY 2010-2011- In the Spring students had the following success rates: English- 58.3% SAT exempt / 57.2% comparison group. Math- 58% SAT exempt / 64% comparison group.

AY 2011-2012- In the Fall, students had the following success rates: English-75.4% SAT exempt / 62.3% comparison group. Math-62% SAT exempt / 54% comparison group.

AY 2014-2015  - Starting in Fall 2007 through the current term, we’ve had a total of 7,495 exemptions from either Math or English placement tests based on SAT scores.

ID 15819

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